How TSGaming Started?

I have always been very heavily into anything to do with computers and technology. I used to tinker around a lot in windows customizing all sorts, Building my own machines and just generally tinkering away. I then upgraded my gaming machine and the parts that where left over got used to host a little Minecraft server for a few friends and I.

Discord then became a problem with the resource usage on our machines so I decided to open a Teamspeak server, which was a learning curve in itself as I had never touched anything network related before other than chucking a Minecraft server online which is easy. Myself and the current admin team spent hours sorting out the entire server, making server groups, creating graphics for it and everything else.

We now have a entire custom network with battery backup which now is the infrastructure behind the entire server and allows us to have a 99.9% uptime and keep our users connected and happy.

What server are you running?

We have a Dell Desktop Enterprise Server running.

  • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 12 Core CPU’s
  • RAM: 56GB ECC Memory
  • Storage: 6TB RAID
  • Network: 400mb/s